I am an engineer in telecommunications from Spain currently based in Barcelona, with 10 years of experience in the aerospace sector, having started my career at the European Space Agency (ESA) and specialized in R&D and innovation. Photography and travel have been my passions since childhood, and provide a counterbalance to the more analyitical and structured sides of my life. My other interests include craft beer, food, cycling, music, literature and philosophy.

Why travel?

I believe that humans has achieved so much throughout history in large part thanks to the collaboration and combined effort of strangers working together towards common goals. Travel is a way of getting a first hand view into the cultural, economic and social frameworks in place around the world, and thus gain a better understanding (at the macro and micro levels) of what unites and separates us as people.

Why photography?

Photography can enable one to capture the feelings experienced in a particular place, moment or situation, and travel back to it. It is more than a visual record, it is an emotional one, and one I hope I can also transmit to others.