Exploring the toxic ruins of the town of Geamăna in Romania

Among the lush forest of the Apuseni mountains of Transylvania, with no signs of human population in sight, it seemed impossible that what we were looking for could be nearby: The cyanide laced artificial lake created in the seventies as a dumping ground for the waste of the nearby Roșia Poieni copper mine. And especifically, the ruins of the town of Geamăna which use to lie in the middle of the valley which is now a toxic swamp.

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Packing for a 6 month trip with only cabin luggage

When embarking on long term travel, what you take with you will make a big difference on the experience. In this article I look into the packing list, tips and lessons learned for going on a several month trip with only cabin luggage / hand luggage, all this including items such as laptop, camera, tablet and sleeping bag.

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Craft beer guide to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Saigon’s Craft beer scene has exploded in the recent years in a way which is unprecedented in the rest of South East Asia. Vietnam’s friendly business environment (unlike neighboring Thailand, for example), its young population, as well growing tourism have enabled an explosion of microbreweries, brewpubs and craft beer bars. This can be seen at its strongest in Saigon, the economic powerhouse and largest city of Vietnam. While Hanoi is catching up, it still cannot compare to the variety and quality of beers available in the former capital of french colonial Cochinchina, where brewers have done a great job at combining international trends in craft beer with locally sourced ingredients and traditional vietnamese flavours. Continue reading